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    Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía

    Festival 4k presents to you the best flamenco dance shows as seen on the world’s greatest event; the Biennale Flamenco Festival of Seville. This episode features the famous Andalusia Flamenco Ballet and shares their testimonies. Enter a world of tradition, avant-garde and new trends.

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    Following a string of concerts in Japan and a record-breaking tour of Latin America, the legendary group Queen arrived in Montreal at the end of its autumn tour of 1981. These nights they excelled themselves with the cameras rolling. The only Queen concert that was ever shot on film.

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    The young French prodigy Worakls is a composer above all. He draws his creativity from many genres such as movie soundtracks and classical music. In the act of the Hungry Music Tour, Worakls Band combines violin, viola, cello and guitar to piano and composer machines.

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