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    Ilario Alicante @ We Are Fstvl

    For Ilario Alicante all recent successes come down to one thing: he started as a clubber still considers himself a clubber, and he will always maintain that vital link with the dancefloor.

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    Charles Gounod’s Faust is one of the most popular works in the French opera repertoire. Thanks to the excellent cast, Stefano Poda deftly guides the opera to triumph.

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    Festival 4k presents the Irish indie folk band Villagers at festival La Route du Rock 2016. Led by the Irish Conor O’Brien, the band produces light and intimate folk music and haunting melodies.


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    About Festival4k

    Festival 4K is the first TV channel in the world fully broadcasting in the dazzling quality of native 4K productions with Dolby Digital audio.

    We’re a brand new TV channel totally dedicated to the most remarkable, colorful, joyful, and spectacular festivals, concerts and theatre shows. A feel-good channel celebrating the best of pop, rock, jazz, dance, musical, contemporary circus, opera, and arena spectacle, for a worldwide audience of billions of fans.

    Festival 4K is a technical dream-come-true, broadcast in stunning UltraHD 4K with sensational Dolby Digital audio quality and extreme high-fidelity reproduction of motion. Our channel brings a spectacular, varied mix of international music and theatre genres from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The most spectacular and impressive music and theatre shows burst from your UHD 4K screen into your living room in native UltraHD.

    Our excellent and knowledgeable editors make Festival 4K with a great passion for spectacular and upbeat content. Festival 4K is devotedly crafted by our excellent and knowledgeable editors, 100% focused on impressive and optimistic content. The channel has a 24/7 program grid of full-length shows without commercial interruptions.

    Festival 4K is aimed at festivalgoers, lovers of theatre, opera, and ballet; fans of pop, rock, jazz, soul, blues, and musical; and music & theatre addicts from Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. The concerts and shows are recorded in arenas, at festival sites, in concert halls, theatres, jazz clubs, opera houses, outdoor venues, nightclubs, bandshells, live houses, auditoriums, and stadiums.

    Watch Festival 4K and open your window to the wonders of the world.