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    Ballet/Modern dance

    Flamenco Passion: Talent

    Witness the best dance from the peak of Flamenco. This episode features Manuel Liñán during an impressive world debut at the Festival in Seville, Belén Maya, flamenco singers José de la Tomasa, Rubio de Pruna and Mayte Martín. It offers the opportunity to hear first-hand testimonies from each of the performers.

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    Jazz @ Metropolis 1

    In this first episode, hosted by Neil Cowdy, live performances by GET THE BLESSING and KIZZY CRAWFORD.

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    edm / techno


    If there is an artist to whom Lyon owes its current acclaim on the European electro scene, it’s Sebastien Devaud, aka Agoria. The artist plays in the third edition of the Arte Mix ø Trabendo evening. The opportunity to let yourself embark on over 20 years of musical epic.

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    Play Kat Onoma & Guests live in France

    A special tribute by Rodlphe Burger and Philippe Poirier to Kat Onoma at the festival ‘C’est dans la Vallée’ in the east of France.  After a single concert at the Athénée in Paris last June, they propose to the festival’s artists to join them for a tribute concert and revisit some of the group’s repertoire. A memorable concert brought to you by Festival 4k.

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